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Glencar Water is fully committed to the protection and the preservation of the environment and uses recyclable materials where possible. Source of Indispensable MineralsOn its journey to the protected source, water is cleansed and mineralised by rock strata hundreds of meters thick and tens of thousands of years old. Glencar Water contains less than half the solid contents and six times less phosphorous than current leading brands of Irish water.
Glencar Water is bottled at source and is high in zinc and contains other natural minerals and trace elements. Analysis report from four different standard approved laboratories have repeatedly confirmed the typical mineral levels per litre of Glencar Water shown on the table. Ideal Level of ZincGlencar Water is between ten and twenty times higher in zinc than other popular water brands on the market. Zinc is destroyed in processing and hence many of us are deficient in this vital element which is essential for:sustaining growth and development in the youngdefending the body against diseasemaintaining body tissue and enzyme functionsupporting sexual functionpromoting detoxifying processes in the body
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Glencar Worldwide
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Tormore, Glencar, Co. Sligo, Ireland
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